An ideal exhibition at home

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Bonjour !

Feeling bored? Good!

I love being bored too; that’s when I can daydream. Intertwining my hands and trying to find out if a finger belongs to my left or right hand is what I do first. It’s a short term distraction though. I am sure you agree, and that the children in your care feel the same!

Museums are closed. I therefore suggest everyone create an ideal exhibition at home.

Since 2018,  ideal exhibitions have been created in Museums, art galeries, school, classes... The ideal exhibition adapted to a bunch of different places! Hence why not doing it in a child bedroom, in a living room, on a bookshelf or in a shoe box?

To help you create an ideal exhibition at home (or any kind of exhibition at home actually!), you can use the ressources I created with Tobo Studio : a website and a series of videos where I share my inspirations, my thoughts, my process and techniques of creation.

Let's create everyone at home but all together the most astonishing exhibition possible ! 

Thank you for your confidence and have fun creating ! 

Hervé Tullet



By clicking on the link and entering the password below, you will access a series of videos.
The first two will explain to you what is an ideal exhibition. The following ones will give instructions to carry out real works of art.
Create the ones that inspire you. Do them in YOUR own way, using the colors YOU want, alone or with family, eyes open, eyes closed, in a day or a week, make it tiny or make it huge...
When you’re done, have your own artshow like in a real museum: in your bedroom, dining room, at your window or even in a notebook.

Don’t forget to take pictures of your exhibition!
To take inspiration from existing ideal exhibitions, you can click here.

To access the videos:
Password: Tobo Studio

To share your artworks :
Send a mail at (or to the person who send you this link)
Or post it on social medias using the hashtags #expoideale or #idealexhibition