ideal exhibition

ICALA, Los Angeles, USA, 2019

Exhibition cartel:

 » Ideal Exhibition at ICA LA is an interactive art-making project, conceived by artist and children’s book author Hervé Tullet. Through a series of videos and workshops, Tullet activates the museum as a site for hands-on artistic collaboration and audience engagement.

In ICA LA’s Project Room, visitors will find a selection of Tullet’s artworks; art supplies and display materials; tables and seating; and a suite of short instructional videos produced by Tullet and his collaborators at Tobo Studios. Through these videos (which will also be available as a free web series on ICA LA’s website), Tullet shares his creative process with viewers and invites them to make their own artwork using paper, paint, colored markers, tape, and other lively materials.

By performing Tullet’s process, audiences can tap into their creative energy and become artists of the exhibition. Instructors and art handlers will be available to assist and install the work, which will be displayed collectively and rotated regularly throughout the exhibition period. The result is an evolving menagerie of colors, shapes, and artistic gestures. Over the course of ICA LA’s Summer School, and at any time online, visitors can explore the wells of their imagination and create an Ideal Exhibition with artist Hervé Tullet. «